Best 10 Cydia tweaks for iOS 9 users

It is the time to review jailbreak iOS 9 as we are closer the end of iOS 9 season. The best few weeks of the year we passed up to here was started with the keynote of iOS 10. It s not just because we can ready for a brand-new iOS download, it is also related with jailbreak.

Anyhow, expect of this article is to introduce you another few Cydia tweaks, which you can use currently for your jailbroken iOS 9 device.


Useful Cydia tweaks for iOS 9 users

  • Call recorder

Call recorder is useful for users those who are worry about the inability of recording calls. This is the only way for iOS users to record their calls as there is no any other feature or downloadable app from the app store either.

  • IGExperiments


This is completely different jailbreak tweak which will interest for interested users of Instagram. As Instagram  team announced their expected features to apply near future, the tweak designed to introduce you some of those experiment level functions to use.

  • MessageHeads

This is similar for the app we are usually using as the Facebook messenger. When you will receive a message from your contact list, the image you are using for the appropriate contact will display on your screen as a message head.

  • Switchservice


Switchservice is the tweak that allows you to simply switch between messages and iMessages.

  • Cabbage

Queue songs of your Music app using Cabbage download.

  • Message Customizer Pro

An interesting Cydia app to customize your message bubbles, color or the picture of the Messages app as you wishes. And replace a color whenever you need for the text you want.

  • Aspectus


Aspectus install is the one which gain you the control of your Music app’s Now-Playing, Next or the Previous from anywhere of the device.

  • SilentMessanger

This is the one you can use to being hidden even when you turn on data of the device from face book. It is because there is trouble of working with your device while using data as messenger always shows you that you are online. So it can end from here when you download SilentMessanger.

  • Appdrawer


Appdrawer is one of best search of Cydia download users for their installations. You can just glance at all your installed apps using Appdrawer.

  • Browser Changer

Browser Changer is the easiest path for you to switch between Safari and your other alternations.


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